Full-Spectrum Tinctures In Charlotte, NC

Looking to buy the most premium CBD Tincture in Charlotte, NC? More and more people are seeking natural hemp extract, full-spectrum tincture, and similar products to alleviate tension. Our full-spectrum hemp oil tincture products are easy to use and offer the best quality.

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Let’s see how our full-spectrum tincture can help!

What Is A Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture?

Organic cannabis extracts are loaded with metabolites and biochemical such as THC, HHC, CBD, and so on, in varying concentrations. When you buy a full-spectrum tincture, you get all of these extracts in one bottle. Being full-spectrum means that the tincture carries all the cannabinoids of its parent plant.

A full-spectrum CBD hemp tincture thus comes as close to the natural composition of hemp in a processed product. Putting just a couple of drops of a full-spectrum cannabinoid tincture product, from our store, into your tea or coffee will show almost immediate effects. The same also goes for putting a couple of drops of a full-spectrum tincture directly onto your tongue.

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