Charlotte, NC’s #1 Smokable Hemp Flower

Many of our clients love smokable hemp as it gives them all the benefits of cannabinoids without the high! See what Elev8ted is all about and check out our online shop!

Elev8ted is Charlotte’s home of premium smokables. We’re home to everything from Delta 8 to full-spectrum CBD and from smokable hemp flower to topical products and more.  Many of our clients want the benefits of cannabis. That’s why we’re so excited about our smokable CBD flower, which is CBD-rich hemp that provides the benefits of CBD without the high of THC.

Charlotte’s Home Of Premium Smokable Hemp Flower

What Is Smokable Hemp?

Smokable hemp differs slightly from industrial hemp. While industrial hemp is grown for things like rope, premium smokable hemp flower is grown specifically for consumers looking for cannabis benefits.  When you buy smokable hemp, you’re getting flower that is rich in CBD, one of the most beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant. But what matters to many CBD lovers is what you’re not getting - which is THC. THC is the most prevalent psychoactive compound in cannabis that creates the euphoric, classic cannabis “high”. Smokable hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to create such effects.

How To Use Smokable Flower

Whether you buy smokable hemp online or in stores, smoking hemp flower is the same as smoking traditional cannabis flower.  You can roll a joint, smoke it in a bowl, or even pack a bong full. And just like with traditional cannabis, it’s best to start with small quantities and slowly work your way up, so you can find the amount that works for you.

Find Top-Shelf Smokable Hemp For Sale in Your Area

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